The Activist Foundation, Inc. is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization that was formed to harness the power and reach of Activist Artists Management, LLC’s iconic music, actor and influencer clients to create positive change in the world.  We are focused on launching strategic partnerships, engaging in volunteerism, making grants, generating public awareness, and providing in-kind donations to activists and activist causes globally. 

 In furtherance of these objectives, The Activist Foundation has created and underwritten the Activist Artists Fellowship (the “Fellowship”), a two-year program that includes a $20,000 grant and full open source pro bono representation.  Our intention of using an ‘open source activism’ approach is to: 1) encourage collaboration by initiating additional volunteer support of Activist Fellows; 2) create a forum for sharing best practices and partners; and 3) inspire others and provide tools for supporting activists in their own communities around the world.

 The Fellowship provides an A-level team of representatives in management, publicity, legal, agency representation, partnerships, marketing, and content creation (to name a few).  In addition, The fellowship also curates and appoints a Fellowship Advisory Council consisting of specialists in relevant areas to support the particular needs of each Activist Artists Fellow.  All representatives and advisors are providing pro bono services at no cost to the Fellow. The Fellowship was launched in 2019 and began supporting its first Fellow, Nasreen Sheikh.

The Activist Foundation, Inc. is supported financially and operationally by Activist Artists Management, LLC. Through this financial and operational support, all of the third party contributions we receive are 100% dedicated to our activism. If you are a friend, partner or otherwise in one of the local communities that Activist serves and would like to contribute, you may donate below.