The Activist Foundation, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was formed with the purpose of funding advocates and initiatives that protect our vulnerable communities and the environment.

The Foundation harnesses the collective power and reach of Activist Artists Management. Our expertise and relationships allow us to identify and curate high-impact missions that are intrinsically climate positive and socially inclusive. The Foundation seeks to work with organizations and leaders who approach these systemic problems strategically, understanding that all social issues are deeply connected to one another. It is through this lens that we must find the solutions to affect real change.

Activist Artists Management helps manifest our clients’ visions by providing opportunities for them to join global social impact initiatives. The Activist Foundation has created the Activist Artists Fellowship, which provides a pro-bono top-level management team and a $20,000 grant.  In 2020, the fellowship was awarded to Nasreen Sheikh, a Nepali woman using her powerful personal journey and voice to fight systemic labor issues in the fashion industry, while advocating for the textile workers who have been victimized as a result.

The Activist Foundation, Inc. is supported by Activist Artists Management, LLC, which supports all financial and operational activities.   One-hundred percent of third party contributions are dedicated to our activism. All contributions (financial, in-kind, and volunteer hours) made by the Activist Foundation, Inc. are internally advised. We are unable to accept unsolicited requests for support from organizations. If we have invited you to contribute as a friend, a partner or someone with a general interest in supporting any of the causes that Activist supports, please consider making a donation via the link below.



As a former child slave laborer in the textile industry, Nasreen Sheikh has given a voice to women worldwide who are suffering the same atrocities she once experienced. Nasreen does not know her birthdate or exact age because in her native village, girls’ births were not recorded. From a young age, she understood that women were commodities, that were bought and traded as such. By age 9 or 10, Nasreen was working 12-15 hour days in the sweatshops of Kathmandu, receiving less than $2 per grueling shift, and only if she completed the hundreds of garments demanded of her. 
In 2008, around the age of 16, she was determined to change her story and the story of those women and children who surrounded her. Nasreen’s journey as an activist started with a 1,000 Rupee (about $10) microloan for her first sewing machine, which she grew into Local Women’s Handicrafts (LWH), a fair trade sewing collective and e-commerce store based in Nepal’s capital. LWH’s mission was to create jobs for marginalized and disadvantaged Nepali women in order for them to gain financial independence. 
In 2015, inspired by the women she’d met through LWH and a women’s conference she had attended, Nasreen founded Empowerment Collective, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that envisions a world where women are leaders in their communities – in control of their own lives, their own rights, and their own decisions. 
Nasreen became Activist Artists Management’s first recipient of the Activist Fellowship, a program that supports and funds activists and their missions around the world. During this Fellowship, Nasreen has worked to create a COVID-19 emergency relief plan in Nepal which helped to serve over 360,000 meals to those who were on the brink of starvation. She realized she needed to create a more sustainable model for Nepali women and their families during these trying times so she created the 1 Million Mask Initiative which allows women to sew masks in exchange for food. These handcrafted and environmentally conscious masks can be purchased here. One mask feeds 10 people in Nepal for a day and we are on a mission to feed millions. 
Learn more about Nasreen and her mission at