We Are Activist

A partner for artists, actors and brands whose talents and creativity can move the world. We are a community of forward-thinking visionaries, dedicated to going beyond the expected, because we are driven by the desire to make an impact greater than ourselves.

Topping the charts, selling out tours, setting box office and viewership records and negotiating positive strategic partnerships is just the beginning of what the Activist team helps our clients achieve on a global basis.

From the biggest stages, in front of global audiences, we support our clients in pursuit of their artistic vision and we help them gain visibility for their activism, making the most of all relevant platforms.

We all want to change the world. At Activist, we achieve this, first, by supporting our clients’ business objectives and second, by leveraging the related visibility for good.

In addition to measuring and decreasing our carbon footprint, Activist supports verified carbon-fighting projects to neutralize greenhouse gas pollution with a goal of reducing significantly more emissions than we create.

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